1. What is Cash Rebates?
Cash Rebates is entitled for all U2BET’s members based on their daily total amount wagered in Live Dealer Casino, Sports, Lottery and Slots selected games only.
2. How does the Cash Rebates works?
Cash rebate will be calculated based on the Promotion entitlement for each product that is eligible for the member. This will be based on the member’s Daily total amount wagered on the rebate entitlement. Cut-off of daily calculation of stake is everyday 11:59:59 (GMT +8). Our system will run a daily computation of the rebate for each member and will be credited before 18:00:00 daily.
3. Is there any rollover requirement for rebates if I would like to do a withdraw?
No rollover requirement is needed. Please contact Customer Service Support Live Chat for more details or related concerns.
4. How do i check my rebates?
Kindly log into U2BET and proceed to “BONUS” statement history. There will be a remark that indicates the cash rebates with amount.